The Many Faces of the Feminine

Make no mistake dear one, you are whole. You have never been broken. You were never meant to be fixed. No, you, with the kind heart, and the trembling hands, and the downturned eyes are a force of nature even at your weakest - capable of shaping and being shaped. Without you - the fullness of you, we all lose. 

It’s true, there are undoubtedly aspects of you that less than savory - that cause destruction and pain. There are parts of you that tremble with fear at the thought of showing up as the person you know yourself to be deep down. There are voices of you who have your protection in mind. Who are conspiring right now to go on protecting you from this world - with its harsh need to change you, as Mary Oliver says. These ones of you that show up when you are afraid, triggered, insecure, unsure, powerless…they are holy for having saved your life. 

There are also parts of you that rise up from under…from an ancient wellspring of wisdom known by countless names, and recognized in a myriad of forms - symbolized and mythologized for the power they carry - for what they evoke in you and in the world.  For what they are capable of. The Sophia, the Ancient Feminine, the Goddess, the Great Round, the patterns and fluctuations of Gaia herself, the storm as it moves across the landscape, the sunlight on the seed that cracks the shell. The path the moon makes on the ocean of the soul.

These eternal and formidable forms are nothing you are not.

To believe yourself to be singular is a travesty - one born of a world that categorizes and reduces the realm of the internal/eternal to a science of psycho-pathology. One that fears paradox, contradiction, complexity and potential. One that wants to tell you that if parts of you don’t agree, you are sick. That you need help. That you can’t do it alone. That you need to be “healed”.

But the ancient voices of you, those that are creeping out from behind veiled walls of shoulds and shouldnts want to remind you they are just as much a part of you. They want to remind you of a relational capability you carry in your bones and blood that predisposes you to intimacy. 

They ask that you come to know them, these voices. That you apprentice to them, that you call upon them. That you learn how they move through you. They want to teach you what it means to stand in the world in wholeness, fully resourced from the inside out. They want to pick up and hold the ones of you that still feel you need protecting. The voices that criticize, that rebel, that manipulate, that cower, that are forever encouraging you to escape your destiny. The ancient forces of you, and of this earth, can hold even the ones of you that need to lean in to your rage and your grief and your deepest, darkest wounding.

I call to the Great Mother of you who nurtures the world without giving herself away. I call to the Wild Woman of you who belongs to the earth and her body and to the depth of her emotions. I call to the Maiden and to the Wise Woman of you who can see the big picture and find joy in heartache and pain. I cry out to the Dark Goddess of you who hasn’t been invited to the party in a long, long, too-long time…this one of you who guides you to soul…the Beloved of you that falls in love again and again and again…

Make no mistake dear one, you are capable of much more than you imagine. You are whole. You have never been broken. You were never meant to be fixed. Despite what you may have been told, you are a woven tapestry of voices. 

Won’t you come to know them?