Soulcentric Leadership Coaching

Soulcentric Leadership Coaching is a highly personalized opportunity to discover and authentically inhabit your place and purpose within your web of impact.  

It is for leaders who know that to catalyze change outside ourselves asks us to dive deeply within - to come to know through experience, your unique gift that flows into the world as nourishment for our time, place and people.

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The Landscape of Leadership

Learn and practice the art of deep listening and creative inquiry  |  Engage and Thrive in uncertainty  |  Return to your widest, and wildest ground of belonging and centered wholeness  |  Cultivate a capacity to know both instinctively and strategically  |  Develop sustaining practices to align your truth and your actions  |  Cultivate a capacity to self-heal limiting habits and protective patterns  |  Unlock authentic potential and latent creativity

Why Coaching?

Coaching is future-focused and solution oriented. It is a learning journey that draws from your inherent wisdom to meet the challenges and strategic initiatives you sense present to you in your life and leadership. As your coach, I:

  • Assist you to identify and articulate your dreams and goals

  • Help you outline the steps needed to meet those goals

  • Explore your goals from different perspectives

  • Assist you to examine any obstacles that may preclude you from taking steps

  • Provide you with methods and structure to accomplish what you most desire










Private Coaching Builds on the Following Intentions


Wild Whole Self

To develop the inner resources necessary to live from the wild, whole self, which is to live at the deepest level of our authenticity.

Many Ways of Knowing

To cultivate divergent faculties of knowing that have been marginalized in contemporary western culture.

Engage the Unknown

To enter into the mysteries of emergent potential.

Belong to Earth

To foster and nurture our relationship with all beings on this wild earth as alive and intelligent and capable of connection. To foster eco-centric thinking and being that will allow you to thrive in complexity.

Grow and Give

To help you get closer to the central conversation you are called to have with the world, and to help you gain resources and tools for personal and professional development.

Laura is emotionally mature, mentally astute, highly intuitive, capable of tracking multi-levels of reality, committed to reciprocal relationship with humans and the more-than–human world, and deeply passionate about fully embodying her authentic, unique gifts in service to “The Great Turning.”
— Sheila Belanger - Life Passages Guide, Seattle










Specifically Designed for Leaders Who...

Are in an active leadership role in their lives, communities or businesses who hunger for a deeper relationship to the innate wisdom of psyche and earth. Women who know there is another way to live and lead.


Feel an increasing urgency to shed acculturated habits and limiting beliefs so that they can step more fully into service during this time of great complexity and transition.


Have heard the call of the earth to shift the dominant western narrative of separation and isolation so that we can participate more harmoniously, artfully and creatively in our varies vocational roles.


Would be served by a ritual and confidential process of personal and leadership development. Women who know they can hold themselves accountable to self-guided practices and processes.


Know we are who we are by nature of our relationship with everyone else - both human, and other-than-human - and are leading, or would like to lead from true wholeness.


Feel pursued by a mysterious longing to deepen into their True Place of Belonging.


Yearn to bring their deepest and most creative potential to their work, and who aspire to make a unique contribution to the world. 


Laura creates events and environments that invite those in attendance to explore the deeper realms of who they are. She brings out the very best in those around her with her good humor and personal depth. She is beautifully attuned to her environment and those around her and speaks from a place of tremendous depth. Those of us who have been touched by her presence are forever changed for the better. 
— Jodi Lily - Movement Educator, Canada










Coaching Methodology

I draw on developmental, archetypal and leadership psychology, complexity and systems thinking, transformative learning, process-oriented coaching, ecological wisdom, and more than a decade in emerging women's leadership.


Soulcraft™ and Wild Mind™ approaches and practices

Process-Oriented and Developmental Coaching

Conscious Leadership Theory and Practice

Archetypal and Depth Psychology

Somatic Education

Transformational Learning Praxis

Ecological Competencies - We are living systems!

Complexity & Whole Systems Thinking

Integral Theory











It's Not for Everyone...

We are all about experience.

This work is not for you if you are not able or not willing to do the practices and fully offer yourself to the experience. Remember, to experience something is to be willing to be changed.

We empower and evoke wholeness. We do not offer therapy.

This work is not personal therapy (though it may border on cultural therapy). If you know you are in need of therapy, please seek that support.

We focus on leadership-in-action, not isolation.

This work is not all about navel-gazing.  We extend our awareness to be in relationship with the wild world, our local communities and our networks of impact. We pulse between the potential of the self, and the reality of what-is in light of social and cultural entanglements and responsibilities.

We lean into uncertainty and address your strategic goals.

This work is requires all our many ways of knowing - what we can sense, feel, imagine and think. We trust in the potential of what we don't yet know, and can't yet see.



Case Study : Jessica Durivage - Founder of Where is My Guru 

When I made the decision to work with Laura, it was on the heels of closing the doors of a business I had been running for over five years, my marriage was crumbling and I was navigating a life changing health diagnosis of one of my parents. I was absolutely led here by a very deep need to learn how to be with myself through all of these changes in a very different way than I had ever been before, except I had absolutely no idea how to do that on my own.

During my first session with Laura she invited me to "leave room for mystery.." (aka, let go of the outcome and make space for the unknown to reveal what is possible). That perhaps it might be time for me to live my life with more meaning and with more purpose. This frightened me but little by little I am learning to let go of the life I have been planning to truly meet the life that has been waiting for me. Some of the shifts have been subtle, some unbelievably profound. This work is not something that comes to an end after the sessions are over. It's truly just the beginning. I am deeply grateful to be a part of something so powerful. Now is the time to become the one you have been waiting for. 


Angela Armour - Small Business Owner, Hawaii

Along my own journey, I have made the deep commitment to face and embrace all facets of myself in order to continue on the path of becoming/living in wholeness, and also then inevitably, to keep healing from traumas.  Laura's inspired and informative lessons really shed light, and she has provided some resources that have been so beneficial for me in further cultivating my own inner tools of awareness.

I am grateful for her openness and clarity and pragmatism - this has really helped me in my own empowerment.  What she puts out there goes a long way.  Laura bears a neutrality so conducive to connection, while her passion and compassion made opening up in exploration possible.  She has shown me a lot of what it means to step into life even more fully by simply showing up - as we all have a very special purpose and place.


Case Study : Janni Daugaard, Co-Founder Copenhagen Yoga Festival

For most of my life, since early adolescence, I tried to teach myself to follow the opinion of others. I did my best to avoid conflict. I tried to fit in. I played small. I was hiding. And at many occasions I had no clue what my personal opinion was. I had become so good at reading what other people wanted me to say, that much of what came out of my mouth wasn't me. I somehow thought that if everyone else was happy, I was happy. Except, I wasn't.

That lead me on a journey to re-connect to my voice. Some days it is still messy. Some days I probably cross the line for what the majority think is socially acceptable. Some days it is still hard to navigate between my voice and the voice of someone else. Some days I change my mind. Some days I get scared of the power of my own words.

Being part of a safe space where I was encouraged over and over again to speak my unique voice, listening to the unique voices of other women and working with deep meaningful questions, has brought me closer to owning my voice.

It is time that we all start speaking our truth.











Let's Connect

Interested in working together? Please fill out the inquiry form below and I'll be in touch soon. All coaching tracks are custom (and collaboratively) designed. Once we make the initial contact and get squared away on a few particulars, we can set up a free information session to begin the design process. I look forward to working with you!

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