Transformational Development & Women's Leadership

The Rhythm Way is dedicated to unveiling the potential of all women everywhere and to emerging feminine leadership. 

This work responds to a deep human desire in each one of us to know our ecological purpose - a soul purpose that is larger and yet inclusive of our vocational roles and social identities. We are committed to welcoming home the whole human being, to celebrate diversity and the power of intimacy, and to take our one true place so that our gifts may come through in their fullness. We hold the fundamental truth that where and how we stand here, matters.

Through powerful leadership coaching and consulting, group mentorship, online courses, wilderness immersions and our online membership community for women, The Rhythm Way offers opportunities to explore nature’s rhythms as they relate and mirror to us our own inner rhythms. And in doing so we'll explore the active evolution of our own edges - so that we can show up as impactful leaders and guides. Here we lean into the central conversation of our lives so that we can;

Learn, Live & Lead in Rhythm.


Our Methodologies Draw From:

  • Soulcraft™ and Wild Mind™ approaches and practices
  • Human/Women's Developmental Models
  • Conscious Leadership Theory and Practice
  • Archetypal and Depth Psychology
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Somatic Education
  • Experiential/Transformational Learning Theory & Practice
  • Ecological Competencies 
  • Complexity & Whole Systems Thinking
  • Integral Theory







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To develop the inner resources necessary to live from the wild, whole self, which is to live at the deepest level of our authenticity.

Wild Whole Self 


To cultivate diverse faculties of knowing that have been atrophied and ignored in contemporary western culture.

Many Ways of Knowing


To enter into the mystery of deep potential.

Engage the Unknown



To foster and nurture our relationship with all beings on this wild earth as alive and intelligent and capable of connection. To foster eco-centric thinking and being that will allow you to thrive in complexity.

Belong to Earth


To help you get closer to the central conversation you are called to have with the world, and to help you gain resources and tools for personal and professional development.

Grow and Give








What You Will Experience:

Connection to the Earth Community | Here we re-member that we are who we are by nature of our relationships with everything else. We are not separate from nature, but a part of nature - capable of co-participating with not only our human communities but with the land we live on, the food we eat, the seasons and lunar cycles, the ebb and flow of the ocean tides... Nature is our primary guide and a powerful mirror on our personal and collective journeys. Women are remembering everywhere there is another way to live

Holistic Human Development | The time for compartmentalization is no longer. We live in a world that demands we acknowledge and celebrate the fullness of what it means to be human. Our practices, classes, and mentorships are anchored into multiple ways of knowing and guiding; including physical, emotional, and imaginal intelligence, and heart-centered thinking. We explore every sector of our life-experience, both personal, relational, collective, professional and the territory of spirit/soul. In doing so, we welcome home innate human capabilities that are needed here now.

Evocation of the Possible | We approach the psyche with reverence for its depth and mystery and believe in its capacity to develop innate resources that have the power to self-heal. We hold the belief that each being is utterly unique, and carries specific, never-seen-before gifts that if un-realized, will be lost to all of us forever. We believe in the emergent, and creative power of the soul that invites us into our future potential through our longings and our fears.

Reverence for the Dark | Our deepest wounds, our life-passage crises, our hidden fears and worst nightmares, our holy rage, grief, and undoing are fertile opportunities to grow downward - into our own depth. It is time we call home the fertile darkness that brings us into an open and vulnerable state - that renews our creativity, and reminds us of what we stand for and why. If we deny the dark, we deny ourselves initiatory passages and true, systemic transformation. From a place of wholeness, we revere the dark, and welcome the holy mess of what it means to be human.

Visionary Leadership Coaching | Opening ourselves to the intimacy of the world as a two-way, earth-centric, ecological conversation is visionary leadership. Though much of our programming focuses on personal development, the lens is global. The choices we make, the things we say - or don't say, the ways we pay attention - matter.

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