Transformational Development & Women's Leadership

We need switched-on, fully alive women contributing in artful and impactful ways to the challenges and opportunities of our time. 

To do so we must re-vitalize our wholeness, ripe with creativity and dynamic intelligence. We must embody our unique authenticity, and bring forth our deepest potential.

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For Women Professionals Longing to Come Home to Themselves

This is for you woman. You have worked so hard to bring forth a vision, for you audacious builders, and high-impact leaders who have put it all on the line to make magic in the world. It is for you who are coming alive to what you may have had to leave behind to get where you are - aspects of yourself, your womanhood, your truth, and are now ready to pick them up again. It is for you who senses you are in-between stories - that it's time to anchor into the rich soil of your deepest purpose, in order to lean into the next phase of your offering.

It is for you wild dreamers, who feel the call of your own earthy body, to live holistically, to lead authentically, and to contribute fully in the time you have.









Cultivate Wildly Intelligent Leadership

Wild Wholeness + Deep Purpose = Ensouled Leadership


Wild Wholeness

The time for compartmentalization is no longer. We live in a world that demands we acknowledge and celebrate the fullness of what it means to be human. Our practices, classes, and mentorships are anchored into multiple ways of knowing and guiding; including physical, emotional, and imaginal intelligence, and heart-centered thinking. We explore every sector of our life-experience, and welcome home innate human capabilities that are needed here now. 



 Ensouled Leadership

Leadership today asks us to befriend uncertainty, call forth potential, and think systemically or ecologically. Opening ourselves to emergent possibility as a two-way conversation is visionary leadership.

Though much of our programming focuses on personal development, the lens is global. The choices we make, the things we say - or don't say, the ways we pay attention - matter.



Deep Purpose

We are dedicated to unveiling the potential of all women everywhere. 

This work responds to a deep human desire in each one of us to know our deep purpose - a purpose that is larger and yet inclusive of our vocational roles and social identities. We believe each one of us taking our one true place allows our gifts may come through in their fullness. And we hold the fundamental truth that that matters.

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A Self-Guided Journey to the Heart of Wildly Intelligent Leadership.

The way to embodied wisdom and impactful leadership presence is to grow it from root to flower. When you join Mother Tongue, you commit to a living in rhythm with the earth for one full year.

With registration you will receive six beautiful, clear, downloadable manuals that act as your course guidebooks. These manuals are full of practices and teachings that will invite you out onto the earth, and into contemplative and ritual practice. The manuals will also provide you with design ideas and leadership tips for your personal offerings. On the new moon of the each month for one full year, you will receive a direct email that will contain seasonal/monthly suggestions for deepening and embodiment.